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You can get relief of your pain caused by Chronic conditions!

Treating your underlying condition instead of the symptom is, of course, vitally important.

People with chronic pain shouldn’t assume that they have to tough it out.  In Advanced Physical Medicine we are proud to offer state of the art have offered many innovative ways to address many of these condition with excellent relief of symptoms. Many of these are the Functional Medicine, Decompression Therapy for the discs, Stem cells for the damaged tissue and arthritis, Platelet Rich Plasma for neuropathic pain among many other treatments.

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Anyone who has experienced pain for several months or longer whether it’s arthritisback painmigraines, or something else also happens to be among the millions of Americans with a condition known as chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a complex condition that affects 42 million-50 million Americans, according to the American Pain Foundation. And based on the American Academy of Pain Medicine, even comprehensive treatment with painkilling prescription drugs helps only about 58% of people with chronic pain.

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What causes chronic pain, and what can you do about it?

Some cases of chronic pain can be traced to a specific injury that has long since healed — for example, an injury, daily microtraumas, serious infection, or even a surgical incision. However, many cases of chronic pain are related to these conditions:

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