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Spinal Decompression, excellent choice for Chronic Low Back Pain And Neurological Symptoms Without Surgical Intervention

Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive treatment for the management of patients with chronic back and leg pain from lumbar disc and facet joint pathology (disease). Spinal Decompression is an effective and safe procedure without any of the risks associated with surgery, injections, or anesthesia. Time off work or in recovery is minimal, and resolution of symptoms is long-lasting. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION

In the majority of patients, acute back pain symptoms resolve on their own in one to two weeks. Those that fail to resolve are then routinely referred to orthopedists or neurosurgeons.

Treating a patient with chronic low back pain can often be one of the most challenging situations for the physician. Back pain is frequently treated in an episodic manner, with a multitude of treatments such as drugs, heat and cold, bed-rest, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, exercises, acupuncture, TENS, epidural injections, prolotherapy, IDET (Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy or heat cauterization with an electrothermal catheter) and the various types of surgery.

Many of these are simply aimed at providing temporary reduction of symptoms without altering the underlying disease process or addressing the pathophysiology associated with lumbar discogenic disorders.

Spinal Decompression is the only medical device that delivers treatment with the patented logarithmic decompression curve. This treatment can relieve the pain associated with herniated discs, DJD -degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome and radicular (nerve root/leg) pain. Now, patients can avoid the costly and time consuming merry-go-round of drugs and non-specific treatments like bed-rest, injections, and others. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION

Studies on the efficacy from all of the independent sources (hospitals, private clinics, clinical studies) consistently report similar levels of success in the range of 70%. This advanced therapy has been used by the best professional sports figures including those in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball, Olympic athletes and many others.


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